What are Hand Tied Extensions and what makes them different then other extensions?

Hand tied extensions are simply that.  The extension weft is hand sewn making them more compact on the top of the weft. Causing them to look more natural and lay flat on the head.  And no glue or tape! 

Will Hand Tied Extensions work in my hair?

Yes, BUT this all depends on the length of your current hair and your desired length.  If you are starting with thick, chin length hair, you may not be able to get 22 inch extensions but we could give you something in the mid length to help with the grow out process

How much will hand-tied extensions cost me?

The price of hand tied extensions can differ for everyone and depends on how many rows you would need to achieve your desired look.  Email us to set up a consultation!

How often will the hair need replaced?

The hair extensions themselves can last on average 9 months. This all

depends on how well you care for and maintain your extensions.

Do I need to use certain products on my hair after having hand tied extensions installed?

YES! You should always use SULFATE FREE products on your extensions.  This will ensure maximum results on the health of your extensions.

What method does May Hair and Skin use to install the hand-tied extensions?

May Hair and Skin uses SKW Extensions method. SKW was created by Sarah Wilks, a cosmetologist and a nurse practitioner.  She used her knowledge from both passions to create an extension method with your hair and your scalp in mind. 

How much maintenance is required, how often are move-ups?

We recommend getting your extensions maintained about every 8 weeks.  

What if I get my hair colored/and or highlighted?

No problem! You can still get your color touched up as usual during your maintenance appointments. We pride ourselves in our abilities to create beautiful custom colors in addition to being the best at hand tied hair extensions.  Make a consultation appointment to be one step closer to your dream hair. 

How long can my hair be?

This depends on your desired results as well as how long your current hair is now.  You can also get extensions to simply add fullness and volume.  Whatever length you choose, we will make sure it is seamless and no one will know its not all yours!

Hand-tied Extension talk

Our team of hand-tied extension specialists answer some frequent questions